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PC Utilities & Applications

Neusoft offers software customization services to many world famous PC brands. This experience gives ?these branded PCs distinctive features and strong competitiveness. Targeting leading operating systems like Windows, Linux and OSX, our software products cover a wide range of fields such as device drivers, enhanced system tools, web applications, system security and multimedia.

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We have developed front-end and back-end software which can be used for storage system management in network environments. In addition to this, we have also developed a user graphic interface using Java Applet in the front end by adopting the industry standard WBEM/CIM structure. Users can easily partition and configure storage resources with the web browser operating GUI interface, including RAID group setting, logistic unit partition, logistic unit assigning for the storage network server, uninterrupted upgrading, uninterrupted expansion for the logistic unit and so on.

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With a wealth of experience in software for multi-function peripheral (MFP), we provide printer manufacturers with leading solutions and services for high-speed multi-function peripherals. We have also helped printer manufacturers increasingly expand the scope of their managed print services by offering value-added solutions and services.

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