Management Consultation

Management Consultation

Triggered by the Internet and mobile Internet, a new revolution, which first started from online and in our hands, is now sweeping across virtually every sector with an irresistible force. It is infiltrating into, changing, and even transforming traditional industries at a speed and depth as never seen before. Willing or not, businesses, particularly those from the traditional sectors, are now part of this trend, and view it with a keen sense of anxiety, unpredictability, and urgency resulting from the eruption of the Internet revolution. Many of them face challenges of uncertainties around the transformation of business philosophies, organizational forms, marketing, channels, products and operation models. 

As an independent brand under the Neusoft Corporation, Neusoft Consulting Group provides businesses that seek transforming their Internet assets with management and consultation services. With our consultation and planning services, we help businesses handle aspects involved in their transformation and integrate resources within their platforms and corporate ecologies. Built specifically for businesses of the Internet era, our services enable Chinese enterprises, particularly those from the traditional sectors, to complete strategic innovation and transformation in the Internet world. This allows them to go out into the world market by shifting from "made in China" to "developed in China" and eventually the shaping of "Chinese brands".  

Business Scope

  • Corporate strategies and business models
  • Organization and human resources
  • Social marketing and service CRM
  • E-commerce
  • IT, Internet, and cloud planning


If you have any problems during the transformation of your business, or want to know more about businesses of tomorrow's Internet era, please follow our weixin account: Neusoft_NCG,or contact us via email: [email protected].

Case Study

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