Neusoft Telemedicine

Neusoft Telemedicine - Tele-consultation services and medical solutions

The main business directions of Neusoft telemedicine are tele-consultation services and medical solutions, providing all levels of medical institution, medical professional and patient with telemedicine services and technical support.

Seeking oversea agent and distributor for medical IT solutions.

overseas agent and distributor for medical IT solutions.

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Since the official launch of the system in 2001, the annual number of consultations has reached more than 10,000 and the system has become an influential telemedicine platform for business operations in China.

Relying on the data platform of "Neusoft telemedicine network", Neusoft telemedicine system provides solutions in establishing remote medical consultation systems for all levels of hospitals and helps them establish their own tele-consultation center. Moreover the system helps competent hospitals form a regional tele-consultation center which can expand to surrounding co-operative hospitals. This allows hospitals to conveniently gain the support of external medical experts and make full use of internal experts.

System Features

  • Remote video consultation: remote diagnosis with report made by medical experts based on patients' image materials acquired from CT, MR, CR and DR amongst others. It usually takes 2-4 working hours for experts to make a diagnosis and issue a report after they receive the consultation requirement. Consultations can also be carried out all year round.
  • Interactive clinical consultation: medical experts can conduct "face-to-face" communication with patients in separate locations through the video conference system. They can handle queries posed by doctors or patients on site and in real time.
  • Remote training: medical experts can conduct seminars through the remote training system; conferring the latest medical information and experience to the doctors in affiliated hospitals. They can also launch an interactive exchange, answer various questions on site, enabling doctors to attend seminars and expand their ability to diagnose thereby improving the overall working level of affiliated hospitals.
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