Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Customer Relationship Management - Incorporates the most up-to-date marketing management philosophies into industry-specific CRM system to help improve customer satisfaction and loyalty 

Targeting different industries, Neusoft incorporates the most up-to-date marketing management philosophies into software systems through information technology, offering industry-specific customer assets management systems to help enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Electric Power Industry: Electric Power Marketing Solution

Neusoft electric power marketing solution is offered as an integrated electric power marketing information service platform to power supply plants of the national grid, provinces, cities and counties. Featuring innovative management and technology, it is designed to support the establishment of a comprehensive multi-layer electric power marketing and customer service network to help power supply plants create innovative systems, methodologies and technologies; thus enhancing customer service.

At the same time, the business system based on customer relationship management and driven by the workflow control center has enabled automation and controllability of electric power marketing and therefore provided a measurable performance assessment framework. In addition, topic-oriented marketing decision-making analysis and aid service is offered for marketing decision makers based on data warehouse technology.

Telecom Industry: New Generation BSS Customer Relationship Management System

Neusoft’s new generation BSS customer relationship management system is a customer-centered system providing full-process services and management for all customers and businesses.

System Features:

  • Unified customer view and interface for unified experience;
  • Integrated business support, combination marketing and refined marketing;
  • Customer-centered and market-oriented;
  • Enhanced information sharing among different systems and end-to-end closed-loop process management;
  • Integrated resources between customers and businesses;
  • Integrated support (pre-sales, sales and after-sales) to partners; and
  • Support to a variety of real-time, complex 3G businesses and products as well as customized products catering to specific customer needs.
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