Neusoft Official Launched Knowledge Work Automation Platform

SHENYANG, China, February 22, 2017 – Today, Neusoft Corporation ("Neusoft", SSE: 600718) official launched the knowledge work automation platform ( The platform is based on Neusoft platform products such as UniEAP, SaCa, and RealSight, and it is committed to providing customers with mobility, social, platform-based, deployment-free, maintenance-free, and on-demand cloud services. It is another major transformation after Neusoft platform business has successfully completed its market-oriented process.

Neusoft knowledge work automation platform service is a new software service model supported by big data, cloud computing, mobile Internet and other emerging IT technologies. It provides cloud services for business users and professionals in working scenarios, and helps customers to increase production efficiency and realize digital transformation of enterprise operation.

Currently, Neusoft knowledge work automation platform has introduced 5 cloud service products, including Tubiaoxiu - the graphical show for data visualization, SNAP - corporate social collaboration platform, OhwYaa - enterprise knowledge community, and questionnaire survey and assessment. Users can login to the website of Neusoft knowledge work automation platform to enjoy on-demand enterprise application services, and simply and conveniently complete the work of information collection and automated analysis processing, advanced data visualization report production, social collaboration, and knowledge sharing.

Neusoft knowledge work automation platform also provides each user with exclusive private space, personalized consumer portal, and tailored Internet website. It delivers ultimate value to customer experience. Besides, it also strictly protects customer data by technical and legal means. Its multi-tenant architecture and automated operations will be the guarantee for efficient operation of enterprises.

Dr. Zhang Xia, Senior Vice President, CTO and CKO of Neusoft said that Neusoft knowledge work automation platform is an on-demand knowledge work platform that empowers professionals through a series of easy-to-use software services to helping them achieve better quality and efficiency in their knowledge work and enabling enterprises to realize digital transformation.