Neusoft Named to Market Guide for Data and Analytics Service Providers Report by Gartner

SHENYANG, China, June 28, 2017 -- Recently, Gartner has released the report “Market Guide for Data and Analytics Service Providers, Asia/Pacific and Japan”, and Neusoft Corporation ("Neusoft", SSE: 600718) was named to the report depending on its innovation capacity in big data areas and accumulation in many vertical industries.

In this report, Gartner selected a number of outstanding data and analysis service providers in the Asia/Pacific and Japan region, and analyzed each provider's service capability according to their business process, data sources, analysis methods, industries and other dimensions to provide a reference for the enterprises in the selection of service providers in the process of digital innovation and transformation.

Gartner evaluated service providers' capabilities in strategy and management as well as their use cases and geographic coverage for their domain and industry expertise against the expected and actual business outcomes. Relying on 3 platform products, including UniEAP bottom-layer business platform, SaCa cloud application platform, RealSight big data advanced analytics platform, Neusoft serves more than 3,000 customers and more than 1 billion users across over 10 industries such as healthcare, manufacturing, telecommunications, energy, education, finance and transportation. Based on rich practical experience and successful cases, Neusoft was named as one of outstanding data and analysis service provider by Gartner.

In addition, the RealSight platform addressed in the report is a big data advanced analytics platform specially designed by Neusoft to meet customer digital innovation and transformation needs. The platform has 3 series of products including customer intelligence, Internet of Things intelligence and operational intelligence, and it is dedicated to helping enterprises to explore and utilize the value hidden in data, to achieve more accurate customer insights and operational optimization. At present, the Realsight platform has been successfully applied to customers in many industries and effectively improved their work efficiency and ensuring smooth and fast operation of their business.

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